Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick update

ome updated photos, as usual click for larger images. The last one is not from this batch of seeds but I really like for form of this one :)


  1. I am from Malaysia and I really love Astrophytum but don't have the courage to grow one. May I ask you from where did you buy those seeds? I really want to buy them.

    Anyway, what an inspiring blog you you have here! Makes me wanna grow cacti from seeds too!

  2. I bought most of these seeds from a collectors in Italy and the Czech Republic. Search Google and you will find. Being in Malaysia you should try Thailand they have heaps of nice Astros.

  3. Hi, Hellonasty, I am from chile.
    I have begun to grow astrophytums from seeds, and your blog really inspire me.
    i have bought seeds from koheres, to begin.
    can you tell me about some good suppliers of astrophytum cv. seeds (websites)
    I only found, do you know some others?
    I'm sorry if I upset with my questions, but here in chile is so difficult get some quality seeds of astrophytum...(only copiapoas and eriosyce it's easy :LOL)
    Best regards
    Yazz (Yerko.)

  4. Hi yazz,

    I'm glad you like my site.

    Good quality astrophytum cultivar seed can be hard to find. I get most of my seed from private collectors as stated above. I have not seen that website before thanks for sharing it.

    Kohres seed is pretty good for a starting point. I will have seeds from my plants available next season. I have been getting more than I need.

  5. Hellonasty thanks for the answer,
    If you have some seeds available, i would like to get some few of them.
    I'll take contact with you in the auscactiforum.
    Best regards.