Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spring !! and winter damage

Spring time again here in Australia

The weather here in Sydney is just warning up nicely, day time temps are getting as high as 32Degrees Celsius. I had some bad luck over winter where a family or mice (Rodents) got into my greenhouse and seriously damaged my collection. Lost nearly all of my Asterias own roots plants and only have a couple of grafted plants left.

Here is a quick photo of the damage :(


  1. I´m sorry. Gajes de esta afición, aveces toca. Ánimo!

  2. That's so sad! :(
    Those plants looked really beautiful! Is that the first time anything like that has ever happened?

  3. It has happened one other time but not this bad. Rodens have become quite an issue here of late.

  4. that's really bad. did not know rodents eat cacti/succulents. do traps/bait help? best!