Sunday, September 22, 2013

Winter Update.

Winter is finally over and its time for some serious growth and propagation this season :)
A few pics from over winter.

Ariocarpus Hybrids

Ariocarpus Retusus

Lophocereus Schotii Monstrose

Nice looking Tricho Peruvianus


Trichocereus Peruvianus Hybrid (TPM X SS02) Crest


  1. Absolutely love the the fissuratu-type one a Godzilla hybrid?

  2. Yes they are all hybrids of cultivars crosses.
    Examples include
    Cultivar x Godzilla
    Cultivar X Fissuratus
    Fissuratus X Cultivar
    Fissuratus Variegata X cultivar

    etc etc. I have not labeled them specifically just growing them and looking for the best genetics.

  3. g/day hello nasty,i love the work you do, i,ve just started collecting
    astrophytums, and lots of seeds which many have shoot up, [ 1 month apron old ]i,em open to any advice you can offer, plus do you sell them i,em a member css a, i live in east gippsland 3875..hopeing to here back from you, regards peter olsen...