Thursday, October 22, 2009

New pictures !

Below are some new pictures of the plants so far shots were taken a day or two ago.

 Click any of the images for larger photos

Astro Myrio CV Kohyo "Rainbow" x Onzuka Kikko Ball

Astro Myrio CV Onzuka Kikko Ball x (Onzuka x Caput Medusae)


Astro Myrio Kohyo "Rainbow"

Astro Myrio Onzuka Kikko Ball x (Onzuka Kikko + Fukuryu Hakujo + Kohyo)

Astro Myrio Kohyo "Rainbow ??"

Astro Myrio koh-yo rainbow x onzuka kikko ball

Astro Myriostigma Kohyo Orange

Astro Myrio Kohyo "Rainbow" x Onzuka Kiko Ball

Astro onzuka kikko ball x myrio kikko koh-yo ‘violet’

Astro Myrio Kohyo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This seasons seedlings - New Astrophytum CV's

I have obtained some new seeds for the coming growing season. I sowed them about 2 weeks ago now and most have germinated, they are very viable seeds this time around almost 100% germination.
These are the seeds for summer 2009:

1.       20 asterias kikko x myrio kikko koh-yo red
2.      15 myriostigma koh-yo yellow x fukuryu rampo
3.      10 myriostigma nudum x fukuryu banjyaku
4.      10 Ornatum cv fukuryu banjyaku x fukuryu haku-jo
5.      10 Ornatum cv fukuryu banjyaku x fukuryu hekiran 
6.       10 myriostigma koh-yo yellow

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update soon !

I have had several requests to post an update on the plants so far. I will post an update next week hopefully. thanks for looking.