Monday, July 5, 2010

Myriostigma Cultivars sown 5/7/2010

Much like the photographs of the Asterias seeds, I have done the same thing but with a larger and taller box for Myriostigma CV's. I used a larger box to give the typically bigger Myrio's a bit more room to grow. The asterias/ariocarpus box is coming along nicely with a heap germinating :)

They are both currently on my little heat mat since it is too cold for natural germination.


  1. Hi,
    I am a Roman of Czech Republic,
    what your seeds. Already sprouts ....
    If you have time, look at my photos.
    Hi and wish you good luck :-)

    Bye Roman

  2. Hi Roman,

    Your collection is extremely impressive, you are a master grower :)

    We should trade seeds sometime.

  3. Hello, I'm doing a very similar concept using take away containers with washed sand. Can you tell me from experience how much water you put into the containers before closing?

    My first attempt with astro/ariocaps lead to a low germination rate. I had used a soil/perlite/rock mix which i covered with sand. and left enclosed with reasonably wet soil. This time I've used a course river sand, nuked them and only sprayed it with around 6 to 8 sprays to wet the surface before pushing the seeds down and closing the lid. I do have them on a heat pad also.

    What do you think?


  4. Hi Dylan,

    I think you are on the right track this time around.

    Use no organic matter in your seed raising mix. I use a coarse river sand that is more rock than sand and that is all.

    As for water I drill holes in the bottom and soak the container in a water bath until the top begins to change colour (be careful a little less is always better). No spraying or misting as I think this encourages bacteria/rot.

    Oh I also add a little fungicide to the water.

    Good luck.