Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trichocereus Seeds Down :)

Yesterday I planted approximately 150 Trichocereus Hybrid Seeds, they are some really nice hybrids that revolve around a bunch of very special plants here are some notes from the grower which gives the botanic name and the abbreviation which is commonly used and is how I refer to the plants.

1. Trichocereus Peruvianus Monstrose (TPM) waffles between regular and monstrose growth, but the monstrose is dominant - columns start out normal and then get super weird - and the freakish qualities certainly came through the other time it was crossed - fortunately this year I have it in more crosses, and got more seed total

2. Trichocereus Peruvianus Cristata (TPC) is a new addition to the hybrid pool - large freakish peruvianus cristata - even the flower was mutant - I crossed the single fruit with Juules, SS02, and (SS02 x pachanoi) - basically I hit it with all three of those hoping one would take - the seedlings may be any one of those three fathers or a mix of them - I hit it with Juules first, then SS02 a few hours later, and then (SS02 x pachanoi) a few hours after that - maybe Juules got through the most? Who knows..

3. Trichocereus Bridgesii (N1) that is excellent in all the ways that matter - one of my favourite plants and I'm totally stoked about the Psycho0 x N1 cross - those should be some seriously beautiful and badass bridgesii seedlings - probably fatter and longer spined than typical bridgesii as well, based on the parents..

4 Trichocereus Pachanoi "quasi-cristata" (TPQC) is a non-PC pachanoi type that grew crested after an apparent snail attack - maybe it is genetic in there somewhere and the snail attack caused it to come out, or maybe it is purely from the infection - regardless its a beautiful pachanoi though I haven't taken good care of it these past couple years..

5. Trichocereus Bridgesii "Psycho0" Aussie Bridgesii that grows like a weed and looks amazing.

6. SS02, Sacred Succulents Bridgesii, very nice plant.

These are the crosses that I have planted (Mother X Father);

1. TPM X N1

2. (SS02 x pachanoi) X TPM

3. Psycho0 X TPM


5. Psycho0 X N1

6. TPQC x (Jules giant x SS02)

7. N1 X TPQC

So that was all for the hybrids but I also planted a couple of other Trichocereus species;

1. Trichocereus Nigripilis

2. Trichocereus Candicans

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  1. What ever happened to your seedlings? Especially the Psycho0 x N1? This was 2.5 years ago. Any current pix? I just started some T.B. seeds and am excited to see what they will do.