Friday, June 18, 2010

Grafts as of 19-6-2010

I thought I would post some picture of the grafts I've been doing over the last season or so. The first few are the original Astrophytum seedlings/gratfs at the beginning of this blog.

Unfortunately most of the kohyo grafts have not changed colour, I'm not sure whether this is due to it not being deep enough into winter or the trait not carrying. All the seedlings on their own roots have turned some very nice colours it would appear the graft is hindering the kohyo effect.

Astrophytum Myriostigma Kohyo Orange

Astrophytum Myriostigma Kohyo "Rainbow" x Onzuka Kikko Ball

Astrophytum Myriostigma Kohyo

Astrophytum Myriostigma Onzuka Kikko Ball x (Onzuka Kkko x Caput Medusae)

                                                                  Astro Myrio Onzuka Kikko Ball x (Onzuka Kikko + Fukuryu Hakujo + Kohyo)

Astrophytum Coahuilense hybrid

Astrophytum Asterias ??

Pediocactus Knowltonii Crest

Astrophytum Myriostigma Onzuka

Trichocereus Peruvianus Monstrosus x SS02 (Crest?)

Ariocarpus Retusus

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