Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New batch of seeds - Sown 28/05/2010

On the 28th of May I put down approximately 500 mixed Astrophytum cultivar seeds. Many of them have germinated already and I'm looking at a good germination (90%+) which is typical of Astrophytum. 

The seeds I collected over the last season, some are from my own plants but the majority from very generous collectors around the world. I thank each of you....you know who you are..who have helped me obtain the seeds.

The seeds include Asterias, Myriostigma, Ornatum and Coahuilense variety's and forms, most if not all of the seeds are cultivars (i.e Superkabuto) crossed with other cultivars (i.e Kohyo). I am very excited to see these seedlings grow. I will post a photo of them soon. 



  1. Hola
    thanks for your amazing cacti pics.i live in Spain, and i have 5types of astrophytums.would you mind and learn me how to plant astro seeds and make new astro?
    another thing is that my asrto dont give me seeds or any fruits??:(
    how can i have their seeds???

  2. what kind of soil seeds need to grow?

  3. Hello,

    Please become a member of my website for growing information and instructions.


  4. Hola
    i did register.my username is : ASTRO90
    thanks so much.your website is great.